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General principles and course of the castle tour

The tour of the castle is always guided and lasts approximately 50 minutes. As some of the rooms are small, the group capacity is limited to a maximum of 30 people. During the tour we ask visitors not to leave the guide and to respect his instructions. We also ask visitors not to touch the objects on display, not to lean on anything and to keep their mobile phones switched off.


Useful Information


In Manětín it is possible to park free of charge in the immediate surroundings of the castle. On the square, just drive under the terraces to the castle. In high season, or if a wedding ceremony is taking place, this car park can be full. In this case, drive around the grounds from the right side, turn left twice and park your vehicle in the parking lot of the former hotel. You will then walk to the castle through the castle park.


Access to the castle grounds, as well as to the toilets, is fully disabled-accessible. The courtyard is paved with "cat heads", the paths in the garden and park are sandblasted. On entering the castle, however, it is necessary to bridge the staircase to the first floor, where the tour then continues mostly on the flat. This means that two people have to carry a wheelchair up 30 steps. This should always be arranged individually with the staff at the ticket office to see if there is a person or persons who can help. We always try to accommodate.


Pets do not have access to the lock even in portable bags. They can be taken to the garden and park either on your hand or in a bag. If you leave it in the car, make sure it is parked in the shade.


Cyclists are not allowed to ride in the castle garden and park. Therefore, there is a garage in the courtyard where they can park their bikes. The garage is freely accessible and not guarded.

Child facilities

Children's attendance at routine tours is an individual matter. Parents should consider whether the child is mature enough to listen to the lesson without disturbing other visitors. We always try, where possible, to tailor the interpretation to all visitors, including children. Strollers are not allowed inside.


In Manětín, restaurants open at 11am. All the establishments offer good food and, since we lack a café or a patisserie in Manětín, you can also relax with an afternoon coffee.